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Pre-Fabricated Plywood, Perfected
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We specialize in pre-fabricated plywood and other sheet material. With our proprietary tooling and process-driven efficiency, we can save you money, time, and risk on every project, big or small.

Improve Safety

Handling and processing bulky sheet materials with job-site tools is a source of outsized risks. Pre-cut materials eliminate these risks and let you to focus on building with less downtime.

Reduce Cost

Our efficiency is your gain. For less than the cost of your labor, we deliver install-ready, palletized or banded components to keep your team productive.

Stay On Time

Staying on schedule is critical. Pre-cut materials keep your team focused on building so you can deliver more in less time.

Steel Stud Backing

Tandem offers cost-effective pre-cut FRT plywood backing in several standard sizes, with custom sizes available.

  • 16" stud c/c by 6" height
  • 16" stud c/c by 48" height
  • 24" stud c/c by 6" height
  • 24" stud c/c by 48" height
  • Custom width and height available

Whether you need several units for a larger job, or you warehouse a few pallets to use on many smaller jobs, buying pre-cut backing will save you money, time, and risk.

Parapet Wall Assemblies

High-quality, pre-cut and pre-assembled parapet wall components save time and reduce risk.

Whether you simply need plywood cut to size, or you need a complete ready-to-install assembly, we have a custom solution for your next job.

Custom and Large Jobs

Our flexible production process means we are ready to handle your custom jobs. We specialize in large volumes of repetitive cuts, and we take pride in delivering even the largest jobs on time, every time.

IBC Carpentry has partnered with Tandem for years and stocks pre-cut backing for use on a variety of projects. By keeping material in stock, IBC keeps costs down by ordering in larger quantities while maintaining safety and efficiency benefits on jobs of all sizes.

Allied Construction Services worked with Tandem to produce over 120,000 linear feet of pre-cut plywood for the Panasonic plant in DeSoto, KS. Tandem was able to save hundreds of hours of labor to help meet tight timelines on a large scale contract.

"Tandem has been a great partner on several of our health care projects. Their backing is an excellent option for us, and we have found a lot of value in using pre-fabricated parapet caps. They are collaborative and great at finding ways to save money and materials."

Find Your Solution

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Common Applications for Tandem Pre-Cut Materials

Backing for steel studs

Parapet wall material and complete assemblies

Furring strips

Temporary barriers

Re-sawing stock

We deliver palletized or banded, install-ready components so you can spend your time where it matters.

Free your team to work smarter with Tandem.

Tandem specializes in pre-cut building materials

Backing for steel studs


Rim board

Re-sawing stock

And more!

We deliver palletized, install-ready components, so you can spend your time building.

Our proprietary manufacturing process is efficient and flexible, allowing us to offer cost-effective alternatives to processing materials on the job-site.

Free your team. Build better with Tandem.

The Pre-Cut Advantage

  • Cheaper: Reduce your overall cost compared to cutting on the job site
  • Cleaner: Eliminate excess sawdust and wood cutoffs on the job site
  • Convenient: Easily move pallets to where you need them
  • Consistent: Straighter edges, dependable dimensions, easier installation
  • Custom: Install-ready building components, made to order

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Let's work together